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Jessie’s Kitchen: Asian Fusion or Asian Fission?

Sorry I’ve been quiet, all you readers who totally come to this site to check up on new SOMD fads. I’m back with a review of the new family owned (presumably) restaurant in Leonardtown: Jessie’s Kitchen. I heard about Jessie’s Kitchen last week learning that it was next to the new Urban BBQ in Downtown Leonardtown. It was described to...


Mission BBQ, Patriotic and Tasty

I thought I’d talk about a favorite place of mine. In California, MD in the San Souci Plaza Shopping Center sits a recently established barbecue joint that spills over with patriotism and support for our troops. Mission BBQ is a favorite of mine, a restaurant chain with just a few locations that definitely lives up to its name. Their apparent...

Hello Everyone! 0

Hello Everyone!

For the inaugural post of this blog, I thought I’d start off with a post that characterizes what kind of articles I’ll be writing. These posts will be a reflection on the various places in and around the Southern Maryland area rating places on the experience that I have there. Hopefully, in reading these experiences and my opinion on these...